Great Hall Ceiling

Features of the Guildhall

The Cannon

The ‘Russian cannon’, given to the town in 1857 in memory of Cardigan soldiers’ sacrifices in the Crimean War was finally installed in 1871. The gun had been used in the ‘Battle of the Light Brigade’, during the famous charge at Balaclava.

The Clock Tower

1890-2. David Davies of the Ship Inn, wine and spirit merchant, offered the town a clock (became known as the ‘Whiskey Clock’), when he became mayor in 1890. It was built over the entrance bay, a square block of masonry with a commemorative plaque, the upper sides sloped in and slated under a metal-clad square clock stage with four clock faces capped by a metal four-sided spire. On top is a pierced weather-vane with the ship and castle from the town seal. The tower was designed by Richard Thomas of Cardigan, and built by John Evans, mason, of Cardigan and J. Richards, carpenter, of St Dogmaels. The clock faces are four feet wide, of iron with copper hands and opaque glass, illuminated originally with gas light.

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