Dru Yoga Class

Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 - 07:15 PM

Dru Yoga is for all ages and abilities, and works with your body to relax, revitalise and re-energise your whole being. It is a graceful flowing style of yoga based on soft flowing movements, breathing techniques and visualisation.

Dru Yoga can help reduce stress and tension, ease back pain, improve spine health and release body tension. It helps to improve strength, flexibility and core stability helping to create a positive sense of wellbeing.

Dru Yoga is an holistic form of yoga bringing balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit. “Dru” means still point, and Dru Yoga enables us to find that stillness and calm away from the stress and strains of modern living.

Price: £7

Contact: Julie Marsden

Tel: 01239 891875/07951 215121

Email: j.maz@hotmail.co.uk

Location: The Radley Room

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